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POODA!!Genre: Hip Hop/SongwriterLabel: MGE/Levelz Ent

  Pooda!!! (15 yrs Old) is an up and coming independent artist based in Houston, Texas. (Pooda!!!) was born into a musically inclined family. His  unique music combines elements of Artist, Producer & Beat Maker to create a unique sound that will surely be captivating and unforgettable.

   His keen ear for music,  early taught since the age of 4 by his mother (Tiffany Shante') & father (Lil kano), his finesse with lyrics, and youthful energy gives him the ability to create melodies that are both catchy and unique.

He has quickly become recognized as a talented and charismatic young artist; his admirable work ethic and ambition has earned him the respect of his peers and admiration of many.

  With his solid foundation and dedication to his craft, he will continue to push the boundaries of music and prove that age is nothing but a number. Pooda!!! is also a star D1 Varsity Player Athlete & Scholar. His journey to greatness has just begun, and we're all eager to see what he has in store!

bandlab Shewantedbetter
IGLOGO d.1pooda
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