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Making Life Altering Decisions 💗

Ultimately you have the choice to make decisions that affect you. You have to take some accountability and responsibility in order to change your outcome You have to want better for yourself .

You can’t expect nothing to get better if you are not willing to change how you react , respond or taking accountability for your decisions.

It starts with you first!💕

It’s in you , not on you!💪🏽

Nothing is wrong with venting or saying how you feel. But how many times you gotta bump  your head before you realize that shit hurts? Be honest with yourself. What does do you  really want?

I’m not gonna lie to  you  or just agree with anything. I’m going to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear my love.

You have to be stronger mentally & emotionally babe.

You can  say how you feel all day , but ask yourself what are you doing to change your situation for the better.?!

Self actualization- being true to yourself and achieving inner peace .

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