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Single For the Holidays

Going Through Loves Tribulations this Holiday Season?💔

This is also a season of growth! In order to be better .... you have to do better !

Don't take your past traumas out on your present 🎁 choices .

Learn to love your self & figure out what's good for you.

If it's not building you up, then let it go.

It's never an "Loss".... it's a "Lesson"

When you know better , you do better!

Accept Accountability for your past choices.

Forgive & press forward.

Remove the hurt, anger & ill will.

It’s dimming your light 💡!

You need that to see your blessing 💕

When it’s for you , it’s for you!

You will know, because it will be natural & unconditional 💕🌸💨♟️🫶🏽

Love will find you .

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