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Memoirs of a Woman Scorned

He stimulates me intellectually

When he speaks, his voice is calming to my soul

He gives me butterflies when he looks at me

Damn i just wanna lose self control

his smile is welco to me

But his kisess take my breath away

I close my eyes exhaling deeply when he holds me

And when he stares at me, I never look away

I always listen when he speaks

For he talks like a true king

His Words bare fruit of principle and morale

Even tho he may not be perfect

he still feels perfect for me

But see this love may be forbidden

But i feel it was made for us

So im willing to battle another to keep him

I know this may be dangerous

So When i think of the worst, i just picture his handsome face

And all my worries disappear everytime, gone without a trace

His love was so unexpected, it caught us both of guard

As we vibe it feels natural but i know

This was a sign from god.

He sent you to me to heal my broken heart

And me to you, the women you needed from the start.

But then i suddenly woke up, opened my eyes and he was gone , disappeared into the past along with the others into loves ...Dark abyss.

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