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Mental Health Awareness

It’s start with a positive mindset..and being more open to change for the betterment of your present & future, relationships in all aspects of living .

Elevation requires uncomfortability .

Being grounded should not limit you from progress in life, you also need balance.

Stay grounded, but have balance.

If you stay in one spot , you won’t move forward. By the time you decide to move forward…time & opportunities will have passed you by.

Stay grounded but balanced while taking every step forward with a more positive outlook to outreach with a better outcome.

Don’t exert your energy into negative things, places or people.

Words are spells, be careful of your tongue.

You get what you manifest into the universe.

Think I will instead of I might.

Ill try, instead of I can’t .

& I’ll do my best, instead of I tried!

With no buts, causes or ands. Those are all excuses😘

Lastly, stop making excuses to be more toxic💪🏽


Tiffany Shante

Advocating for Mental Health Awareness

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